probably a cooper's hawk, sitting on a stump

He's looking right at you!

I am so easily distracted. Especially by HAWKS.

There are hawks in the graveyard, okay? I may have mentioned this. There was a nesting pair that I saw often on top of the big mausoleum (the public mausoleum, as it were, as opposed to the private family ones). It didn’t occur to me there were actually nesting there–it was so open and so close to the road–but a couple days ago I saw a baby’s head poke up over the edge of the building!

The sight prompted my usual battle cry: Why didn’t I bring my camera?!

Well, the light was terrible, and sometimes you just want to look at stuff; that’s why. But I came back the next day, and voila! Or viola, as my aunt likes to say. Hawk on corner of building–but not one of the parents. This was the baby, almost fully grown, a bit darker in his markings, with a few leftover tufts of fluff on his chest. ♥

He started yelling when I moved in closer, but there wasn’t the sense of threat I’d gotten from his mom and dad. Chance he was going to swoop down and peck my eyes out seemed slim to none, so I moved up right under him, took a few shots, and then~!

He obliged me by swooping down to the ground and looking for worms. Heh. I guess he wasn’t up to proper hunting yet. Judging by this, I think he’s a cooper’s hawk. I followed him around a bit more and he posed majestically on top of a pine tree.

And then? There were deer. Not ghost deer.

non-ghostly deer by a mausoleum

Definitely a deer.

Here is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. This was going to be a video of him facing down a hawk, but I couldn’t find that one on youtube, and this is actually a lot more interesting.