stained glass window, broken, floating in the sky

moon window

I went shooting in the graveyard again, with a friend this time. I’m trying to get a grip on thorny issues like theme and bodies of work and not just taking random photos of whatever the heck I see around me, although I did some of that, too. There was a hawk; I had a zoom lens.

Mostly, though, I took photos of the ten million tiny mausoleums and their stained glass. Some of them are just stained glass windows like you might see on a house, but some are whole landscapes, or even stranger, wilder things, like the one with the grape arbor, the mandolin, the bread, the alchemical flasks. A loaf of bread, a jug of arsenious oxide and thou.

I’ve been merging them with a series of skyscapes I took before I found out Stieglitz did it first (and better). I like the idea of them being out in the open where everyone can see them.